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Player Information
Name: Tash
Age: 19
AIM SN: go fool yourself
email: lythdan[at]gmail.com
Have you played in an LJ based game before? I feel like I've been here before...
Currrently Played Characters: Nada. Let's change that!

Character Information

Canon Source: Ace Attorney
Canon Format: Video game
Character's Name: Franziska von Karma
Character's Age: Taking into account her in-game birthdays, Franziska is now 21!
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. n/a

What form will your character's NV take? A cell phone! This cell phone, specifically.

Character's Canon Abilities: No superhuman ones to speak of.
Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them?

Franziska will retain her ability to perceive imperfections! Well, not that she was ever incapable of perceiving them, but now she'll find them even easier to spot and even more difficult to ignore because they will glow fluorescent yellow until they are corrected, or are no longer perceived as imperfect.

As for the definition of imperfect, and what triggers the glow, it all very much depends on Franziska's perception of/opinion on her surroundings. For example! On say, a bad hair day, she may glow when she looks in the mirror because her hair style is something that needs correcting, but if she's feeling generally confident about her appearance it would be unaffected.

Also, to expand on imperfections being easier to find: for example, when correcting a word document, no matter how good you are if you're doing it immediately after the fact there's still some typos/missing words that tend to get skimmed over. But for Franziska and her new power, the errors will glow out at her, making them impossible to miss!

So, basically: imperfections glow! To stop the glow, she has to either completely convince herself that they're perfect the way they are, or correct the imperfection itself.


Her whip, which she is usually never seen without. While not being a particularly useful tool in actual combat (one cannot impede the path of bullets with the lash of a whip), she likes to carry it around for intimidation purposes/berating fools, etc. (If she gets ported in with her canon whip and finds previous Franziska's whip, does that mean she'll have two? Perish the thought!)

Character History:

Have a handy wiki link! The relevant parts are from 'Early life and career' up to 'More cases with Edgeworth', only because Capcom hates money and that latest game is never going to get localized. Alas.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history:

When Franziska first arrived in Siren's Port, it was the summer of 2010. Fortunately, she was not alone on this strange new island; her 'little brother', Miles Edgeworth, had been in the city since almost the start of that year and had risen to prominence among the newcomer community. It was this prominence that caused him to be targeted by criminals, and soon after Franziska's own arrival in this world, Edgeworth was injured, shot and hospitalized; this sequence of events would soon temper Franziska's early experiences in Siren's Port. Although she had always accepted that theirs was a dangerous profession, the way Miles was dealing with what had happened to him was a source of concern for Franziska; soon enough, that concern lead to frustration and a sense of powerlessness. This was only due to her disapproval of the way Miles was behaving, but also due to her own inability to make much of a positive contribution to the community of newcomers (at least, not in a way that could ever live up to Miles Edgeworth's precedent).

In the following months (and the arrival of more dangerous people from back home), Franziska began to lash out at her situation in every way she knew how. She armed herself. She tried to shame Miles Edgeworth into changing. Just because the playing field had changed, that did not mean Franziska's persistent goal to prove herself better than Miles in any way possible had altered any.

However, this attempt was, for the most part, unsuccessful, and Miles Edgeworth went on to do what Miles Edgeworth (in Franziska's extremely,
extremely biased opinion), did best -- he moved on with his own life, a life full of what Franziska would consider completely moronic decisions. This ultimately led to his arrest under suspicion of attempted murder; once he was cleared of charges in that particular incident, this 'recklessness' eventually led to his murder on the eve of 2011.

Edgeworth had promised that they would spend more time together now that they were in the same city together; Franziska had told him to try not to die. Thus, in light of his death, Franziska considered him both a liar and a failure, or tried to, at least, because the feeling of relief that came about from being freed from her little brother's shadow was easier to deal with than the genuine sense of sorrow and
anger that she'd felt in his passing. Now that the two most important people in her life were dead and gone, Franziska seized the opportunity to redefine her own life albeit more out of subconscious necessity than any calculated move on her part. If she would (could) continue on living without her father and Edgeworth as standards to measure herself against, then she would have to reduce the significance to impact they had had on her lives... thus, Miles Edgeworth mattered very little to her, she tried to convince herself, and she would be just fine in a world in which Miles Edgeworth did not exist.

As for her father... coping with his loss had been a struggle since his murder conviction, as she had reacted in the same way to his betrayal as she did to Edgeworth's death: either convincing herself that she fought her battles for herself, not for her father's approval, or by trying to mentally reduce the impact of the murder conviction as something relatively insignificant.

Fortunately, a Core-assisted dream would help relieve Franziska from the darkness of her father's shadow in the days following Miles's death; she dreamed a sweet dream in which her father told her that he was proud of her, and the progress that she had made in the previous six months since her arrival in Siren's Port had been
pleasing. With this assurance as something to cling to, Franziska was also freed from the lingering desire for her father's approval which tempered everything that she had done even since his own passing.

In a world without Manfred von Karma and Miles Edgeworth, Franziska von Karma could finally be her own woman, a woman capable of standing on her own two feet, pursuing the von Karma creed of perfection for no other reason than to perfect
herself, and the crapsack society about her. To this end, shortly after Edgeworth's murder was announced, Franziska likewise made an announcement of her own in regards to the new ownership of the Newcomer Fund that Edgeworth had previously been overseeing. Edgeworth was dead and departed, and Franziska's first action in her reformed mindset was to inform the community of the consequences; even in his passing, Edgeworth had subtly influenced Franziska's new goals-- she was already subconsciously trying to fill the shoes he had left behind as a representative of Siren Port's newcomers.

Of course, the Core is fond of its tricks, and barely a few days after Franziska had set the terms for her new life, Miles Edgeworth literally returned from the dead; unable to so quickly force herself to come to terms with a jarring change in circumstances
again, Franziska initially pushed him away, feeling that his return had invalidated everything that she had suffered to achieve, feeling that his mere existence was nothing more but a burden. It took her longer to come to terms with his revival than his death, but it was a healthier resolution -- a resolution not to waste this second chance.

However, with Edgeworth's return, so did too Franziska's old frustration. Back in the shadow of her little brother, Franziska continued to struggle with her own identity and her purpose in life; she'd spent so long chasing after Edgeworth, determined to one day overtake him and leave
him behind in the dust that being on amiable, equal terms with him sat uneasily with her. She didn't want to be that person any more, she wanted to be the hero of her own story, not simply some extra in the Miles Edgeworth Show. She needed to do something that would propel herself into the light, off Edgeworth's tail, to really prove that she was her own person to everyone, not just herself.

In April of 2011, she finally saw her chance.

It was a peculiar set of circumstances that saw Franziska finally making her break for freedom; she worked one of the largest cases she'd had in her time in Siren's Port, but it was far from the most complicated case she had ever presided over. The defendant was clearly guilty, and it should have been cut-and-dry. It
was, and therein lied the problem -- everything that she was doing was too simple; even if she was the best prosecutor she could possibly be, these sort of organized crime syndicates would continue to exist so long as the head was not cut completely clean from the body... and Franziska was beginning to draw the unfortunate conclusion that the head in this case, was actually AGI, manipulating the case and Siren's Port's judicial system to its whims. Miles Edgeworth was already launching his attack on the slave trade; there was nothing Franziska could do to trump that, and nothing she could do, within her current set of limitations, that provided any sort of challenge. That was not all, however -- there was nothing she could do that made her feel like she was making a contribution to society that measured what she was truly capable of, as this was something that was starting to become more and more important to her at the time. She wanted to show the world what she was made of -- but how? All those murderers-- they were small fry, in the scheme of things. She'd been putting grown men behind bars since she was thirteen years old. Anybody could do that. So what could she do now?

It was in the resolution of things (a perfect victory, naturally), that Franziska reached her dizzying conclusion -- she would leave the prosecutor's path behind (and she would be damned if she let Miles Edgeworth stop her this time; paying him too much heed was exactly how she'd ended up in this current predicament), and forge her own path in life, in whichever manner than she saw fit . Whatever she decided, it would, of course, be the
perfect decision. Unfortunately, so lost in her own thoughts she was, she stayed out past Sirens for the first time that night, but was luckily rescued by fellow newcomer Nelliel Tu Oldeschwanck, but not before attaining a nasty injury on her arm.

Despite convincing herself that Miles's opinion mattered little to her, she was very much relieved when he said that he would be proud of her no matter what she eventually decided to do with herself, although she was rather frustrated when he saw through her attempts at obscuring the fact that she wasn't entirely sure what her actually decision
was just yet. Although she so often sought to tell herself otherwise, Miles's opinion had always mattered to her. He mattered to her.

Edgeworth and Godot's motions against AGI were finally coming to a head; those close to him found themselves targeted in an attempt to make Edgeworth back down from his convictions and not pursue the case. Naturally, Franziska was one of those affected, bashed by AGI goons who broke into her apartment one night. Despite Edgeworth's concerns, Franziska tried to blow the incident off as though it was no big deal -- Franziska wasn't the type of woman to back down easily, and she wanted to ensure that the prosecutors' case went to trial. No longer a city prosecutor herself, it was the least that she could do in such a situation.

During her period of unemployment, Franziska threw herself into more community projects, including organizing a fundraising marathon and a working bee, in the interests of the newcomer community.

The Fall term of 2011 found Franziska finally setting up a new career: she accepted a position at Siren's Port University as a teaching fellow in charge of introductory law classes. No longer would people compare her to Miles Edgeworth (even though to be frank, the person making most, if not all, of the comparisons was Franziska herself), because their jobs were so vastly different. She began to measure herself against Miles Edgeworth less as a result, beginning to take pride in herself and her own achievements simply as a reflection of her own self worth and not as consequence of some misbegotten competition. No longer so obsessed with besting Miles Edgeworth, she even begun to be able to feel somewhat happy for him, instead of resentful. Once upon a time she couldn't remember not hating him, not blaming him for everything that had gone wrong in her family, in her life-- but now, slowly but surely, it was happening, and Franziska was fuelled not so much by the hate that had colored her childhood but by a genuine desire to see good done in the city of Siren's Port-- and who better to do so than Franziska von Karma, the very best person she could be?

Then, however, two things happened in quick succession: Miles Edgeworth disappeared, and Franziska (courtesy of one Maya Fey) hallucinated the spirit of her dead father, who, surprise, surprise, assured her that she'd been a disappointment after all.

Rug of confidence firmly pulled from beneath her feet, she began to slide back into her old insecurities, feeling that she was of no use to anyone, although her sense of pride meant that only a handful of people ever found out how much she was struggling during this time. While she preferred to pretend that she didn't need anyone, on a subconscious level she clung more tightly to the connections she had forged during her time in Siren's Port, the most prominent of which were her friendships with Maya Fey, Larry Butz and Sirius Black, because they were the people who had been there for her during the darkest times of her Siren's Port existence, despite the fact that she hadn't even asked for their help.

And then, at the beginning of 2012, a most unexpected arrival made his way to Siren's Port: Manfred von Karma, Franziska's previously dead father. The next day, another coincidental arrival: Miles Edgeworth was back (again). Franziska, planning to continue her previously positive relationship with her brother, warned him of her father's arrival and assured him that he had her support, whatever her father might try to do now that he was alive and in the city. When Manfred was made aware of Franziska's presence in the city, he requested a loan from the Newcomer Fund. Franziska delayed the paperwork out of spite -- an action she later came to regret.

They came face-to-face for the first time during a fundraiser ball being held by the Newcomer Political Party, the committee of which Franziska had been on since Miles's disappearance (and she maintained that position even upon his return). She came to the party out of obligation, resolving to keep an eye on her father once she noticed that he was there too. However, along the way, she was distracted by (1) Sirius Black, but although Franziska had lost sight of her father, he had not lost sight of
her. Fearing that she was becoming far too close to this riff-raff that she was publicly associating with, Manfred engaged his daughter in an argument. Some nasty words were shared, with father and daughter fundamentally disowning each other; Franziska strongly implied that she'd rather her father was dead before leaving the party. Again, an action that she would come to regret.

These actions were so regrettable because shortly thereafter, there was an explosion at the Starter Apartments where Manfred was staying out of necessity (because Franziska had blocked his access to the resources that should have been available to him).
Best daughter ever. Wracked with guilt, Franziska sought an audience with her father whilst he was still in hospital; whilst she apologized for her behavior at the ball, she did not stand down on her new creed; she still sought perfection, of course, but on her own terms and for more noble reasons. She had no intention of becoming a monster like her father.

Miles Edgeworth, too, was feeling deeply guilty over this incident -- so much so that he tried to admit to it when Franziska next discussed The Manfred Issue with him. Edgeworth's Core-given powers had stopped the old man's heart when he had tried to rescue him in the aftermath of the bombing; however, Franziska blind-sided Edgeworth by being reasonably understanding, acknowledging that Edgeworth was well within his rights to hate her father, although she did instruct him to attend the lecture series on controlling one's powers because she would not tolerate repeated
mistakes in the people that she associated with. She, did, too, however, acknowledge her own fault in the incident -- saying that she should not have let her own personal biases get in the way of performing a community service. With saying that, she blind-sided herself, because it was a hilarious departure from the immature woman who had, in the past, fought only in her own-self interests, for a skewed ideal of 'perfectionism'. It was hilarious, because in that moment, she sounded frightfully like Miles Edgeworth. Somehow, along the way, through everything that had happened, Franziska had caught up, really caught up, to her 'little' brother. She was finally confident enough to genuinely consider herself his 'equal' with no part of self-deception. She immediately tried to blow it off, make it seem as though it was not as big a deal as it was, but it was there.

TL;DR -- she grew up a bit.

And shortly after this incident, Franziska left Siren's Port herself.

Point in Canon:

Post-Ace Attorney Investigations (1), a day after prosecuting the case against the ringleader of the smuggling ring. Which is a day after her original pull point from her first time in game. (Siren's Port: The extended nightmare!) At this point in time, she had recently prosecuted Quercus Alba, leader of an international smuggling syndicate, in his homeland of Cohdopia; she states in the game's epilogue that she intends to stay in this country a little while longer, hoping that its fresh air will give her whip a new 'vigor'.

Character Personality:

i) “The von Karma creed is 'to be perfect in every way!'”

First and foremost, Franziska von Karma would define herself as a perfectionist. This can be attributed to the environment in which she was raised; indeed, her father, who was also her mentor in the study of law, was not the type of man who would accept any sort of failure in his proteges. As a child, she developed an intense work ethic to fundamentally gain his attention. This was also evident in Franziska's relationship with her father's ward, Miles Edgeworth, who she grew to see as something akin to a brother (a little brother, as she constantly reminded everyone), and more importantly, a rival. Miles was someone whom she could measure her abilities against – with a father who expected perfection as a default, how could she be one step ahead? How could she prove herself to be better if she did not have someone to compete against? She was determined to prove herself better than Miles Edgeworth so that she would gain the approval she so desperately desired, and perhaps, actually be happy … if she managed to succeed in making her somewhat emotionally distant father proud of her.

Her determination and tenacity certainly paid off, and she was instated as a prosecutor in her homeland Germany at the young age of thirteen (Europe, it's progressive). A feat that any father should be proud of, to be sure, but Franziska von Karma was also inherently the type of person who always strove to be the very best. For this pursuit, she publicly dismissed anything that was not directly related to her profession as foolish and a waste of her time. Her results were, of course, nothing less than perfect, and she maintained a record of flawless victories (guilty verdicts) for the first five years of her career.

While an outside observer might think that Manfred von Karma pushed his prodigiously intelligent daughter as hard as he could so that she could be a young overachiever, the pressure that Franziska felt herself under throughout her childhood and adolescence was more passive than active. To her, it felt as though that no matter what she did, her father cared less about the achievements of his own daughter than those of Miles Edgeworth. Despite her brilliance, despite all that she had achieved, becoming one of the youngest prosecuting attorneys in the world, Franziska von Karma had always felt a little... inadequate.

She tried her best not to let it show, of course.

ii)But me... I'm no genius. I've always known that.”

Her father had taught Franziska the rules of the courtroom, had taught her what she had to do to ensure that she would not expose any weaknesses that could possibly taken advantage of. Although she copied most of his mannerisms: the casual conceit, intimidation and devious tactics that had made her father the man he was, Franziska was not so well practiced as her father and lost her cool far more easily than he did, frequently slipping into bouts of rage when things didn't go her way. The whip that she carried with her was a manifestation of this; she frequently lashed out (quite literally) at people who dared oppose her, or just out of sheer frustration. When she suffered her first defeat soon after her arrival in America, she whipped the opposing defense attorney unconscious. The whip was a safety blanket of sorts, although not many people would dare say that to her face. It was what allowed her to attack people first before they could get under her skin, and if they somehow managed to do that anyway, it allowed her to fight back. It allowed her to maintain control, something which she knew was essential to being perfect, something which she wanted more than anything. Yet, sometimes if the source of Franziska's ire was intimidating, or indeed capable of continuing the battle in return, Franziska would frequently choose a different target - one who was more indulgent of her violent tendencies, or more reluctant to speak out. She also had a well-engrained habit of not taking responsibility for her failures, and attributed fault to any other available party. Or even no other party; to this day she would straight-face claim to people who would know that it was a blatant lie, that she had 'never lost a single case', as she had done so soon after arriving in America.

Thus, despite her desperate desire to prove her perfect persona to her father, her family, the world, Franziska knew that it was always very close to falling apart, and that she wasn't quite as capable as her father was.

Even after her father was incarcerated, during the winter she was seventeen, Franziska still used him as a standard to measure her life against. A year later after a string of embarrassing failures, she tearfully admitted to Miles Edgeworth (the person who understands her the most, although you would never hear her say it) that she would never be a genius like her father. Manfred von Karma had been the man who Franziska had built her life around, and even once he had been removed from her life she still felt the desperate need to prove her worth to him. But after slowly coming to terms with the fact that he had not been half the man he had claimed to be, and that perhaps the thing she had been striving for her entire life (her father's love) was unattainable, she slowly stopped blaming Edgeworth for everything that had been inadequate about her relationship with her father (although she certainly kept him around as a rival)....

... and thus, Franziska started to turn her own life around.

iii) “Legends are a thing of the past. I am a von Karma. That is all."

It was a slow process, but she eventually slowly grew to understand that although her father had betrayed the very values he had taught her, it did not invalidate everything that she had achieved. She had been fixated on achieving her best, on achieving her best for her father that she had ignored that one of her most positive qualities, one that she had been capable of since the very beginning – her incredible tenacity. (It doesn't get much stubborner than trying to work after being shot in the shoulder, such as Franziska did.) Perhaps she wasn't quite so intelligent as her father, perhaps she did have to work hard to get where she was today, but she had done all that, and she could continue doing it on her own terms for herself as a person instead of for her father's sake. Her father's values of perfection were a family creed, after all, and one to which she could still uphold and restore honor. She still wanted to be the very best, but it was for her own personal sense of self-fulfilment.

iv) "A dancing pierrot, living her life on the name and fame her invincible father built!"

Change was not necessarily an easy thing to come by, and even a year after that tearful breakdown, Franziska would still occasionally mention the past and what had brought her to where she was, and her frustrations that came with the weight associated with the family name, going so far to feign ignorance when Miles Edgeworth reminded her that even men like her father had not been invincible. She had made progress, forging new relations with Interpol so that she could take her work more internationally, pursing the types of criminals her father had never bothered to deal with - those who could be considered 'above' the law. Yet, sometimes she still doubted whether she was doing the right thing, doubted whether she knew what the right thing was any more. For the moment, it was something she had accepted that she had time to figure out – again, for her own sake, to perfect herself, and not for anyone else. And certainly not her father.

v) "Phoenix Wright... it's impertinent to call people by their full names!"

While Franziska's life is preoccupied with her pursuit of perfection, this means that from an outsider's perspective she can be regarded as an idiosyncratic, frustrating individual … to say the very least. If the threat of being whipped is not off-putting enough, her overall demeanor is abrasive; her sharp tongue can almost feel just like the slap of leather against skin sometimes, and she is so self-absorbed that she usually doesn't have any regard for other people's feelings. Rude and demeaning, she is frequently also quite dramatic about it all, and is described by Miles Edgeworth himself as having a 'flair for the histronic'. However, Franziska is, on rare occasions, capable of showing empathy when others make her bad behavior obvious to her, such as offering support to a former witness, Adrian Andrews, after her trial, where Franziska had fundamentally used her as a pawn to try and achieve a guilty verdict. She seems to have a soft spot for vulnerable women and children in general, actually, appearing somewhat hurt after Pearl rejects her attempts to help and accuses her of being mean (which... she really is).

On top of Franziska's violent temper (and the whip!) she has a few other quirks which many of the people she regularly interacts think of as rather defining of Franziska. She is quite fond of the word 'fool' and its variations, sometimes using it up to seven times a sentence, as well as alliterative technique. Another verbal tendency of hers is to call most people she meets by their full name; this habit is so prevalent that sometimes, the people around her accidentally pick it up!

So, in conclusion, it would suffice to say that Franziska can also be rather hypocritical at times.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game:

I've mostly touched upon this in the character history section, but seeing as that was anything but brief, I'll do a basic summary here.

The greatest changes that happened in Franziska's personality during her time in Siren's Port are: the way that she relates to other people; her own sense of self-worth, and essentially, her own personal motivations. These aren't hugely drastic changes by a long shot. Unsurprisingly, they're interrelated.

Despite coming across as incredibly obsessed with Edgeworth even during the course of canon itself, Franziska had not spent much actual time with him since her early teenage years, so being in close contact with him for an extend period of time meant that their relationship had shifted. Franziska had been driven in the past by her hate for Miles Edgeworth and had basically judged her own self-worth by comparing herself to Miles Edgeworth. So it's only natural that upon finally being able to admit to herself that hey, she does actually care for him after all, that her personal motivations would shift as a result. Likewise, finally having the chance to stand up to her father and affirm her beliefs to him has given her additional self-confidence and closure that she would never have been able to attain in canon, as her father is already dead by her canon-point.

So, although Franziska is still a stringent perfectionist who does not suffer fools gladly, she genuinely cares about and wants to see good done in the Newcomer community – while it does sound like a very noble and very Edgeworth goal (indeed, Franziska isn't actually at the stage where she would happily outright admit that caring is an actual motivation of hers now), it is not entirely selfless. No, Franziska isn't and probably never will be that kind of person. Her reasons for pursuing this path are very much tied into making her mark on the world, to prove that she is a capable, intelligent, resourceful young woman. She's willing to help out in the community because it gives her people's attention, something that she's always craved and she has no qualms about having all eyes on her. She really, really enjoys showing off... only this time the by-product is more community-oriented and less about trying to get innocent people sentenced to death.

Due to her period of unemployment and also her change of career path, Franziska also had the chance to focus more on her personal relations with other people; having been primarily occupied with her career ever since becoming a prosecutor eight years ago, she had never really learnt to get along with people unless she needed something from them, and frankly, didn't see the point in it. Consequently, people didn't really see a point in being friends with a person like that, and thus the Franizska who initially arrived in Siren's Port was quite lonely (although she would never admit to it)!

However, lonely as she was, and with some assistance from people who just wouldn't give up on her, for whatever reason, Franziska slowly found herself growing fond of some of the people she got to know in Siren's Port, and as a result, became less dismissive of the people that she actually liked, and even listened to feedback regarding her behavior when it turns out she was hurting the feelings of someone she cared about with no real gain. (She's still a hard-line advocate of tough-love in many cases, although she does now make some attempt to sprinkle sympathy with her scathing advice.)

She's still capable of being a huge jerk to the people she doesn't like; however, her default manner is no longer as overwhelmingly abrasive as it was two years ago; she no longer has such a huge need to push people away.

But at the very core, Franziska is essentially still the very same person she's been her entire life: an attention-seeking, dramatic perfectionist with an incredibly intense work-ethic. It's just the package she presents now is entirely more palatable. She occasionally thinks of other people's feelings before speaking. Her current goals, however selfish, will see more good done than those she clung to in the past. She's a bit more accepting of faults, in both others and herself, so long as the person in question makes active attempts to improve themselves – one incident can be considered a mistake, two, however, is downright foolish, and as mentioned earlier, Franziska von Karma does not suffer fools gladly.

Tying back to the very beginning of this personality section, Franziska's most defining feature – her will to never, ever give up – is still one that defines her even after her time in Siren's Port. Even in her darkest moments, where it looked like the world could break her, Franziska was always able to pick herself back up again and move onto something bigger, better and greater.

She once claimed that the only thing that could interrupt her was death itself.

...That's basically Franziska in a nutshell.

Character Plans:

Coping (again!) with the disappearance of her father and Miles Edgeworth; probably becoming an EVEN STRONGER person as a result, reconnecting with the handful of CR that's still here... and possibly getting back into prosecuting because a) it's the wrong time of year to get back to working at the university and b) this is really the direction I want to take to finish her arc in SP's final season. Because I miss you guys.


She was probably a frill-necked lizard in another life or something, idk.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[ As what has become something of a usual custom, Franziska makes her video broadcast in the early hours of the morning, sitting at a table with a cup of coffee on hand; sunglasses perched atop her head. ]

Good morning, Siren's Port. My name is Franziska von Karma and I see much has changed in the … year, is it, since I was here last. Honestly? Many of these changes have not been for the better. [ She takes a sip of her coffee. ] If anybody could provide me with a summary of what I've missed while I've been gone, it would be appreciated. If, however, you're only going to whine at me to read the network archives, I would implore you to waste your breath for someone who actually cares. Then we can both get on with our mornings.

That being said, I would primarily like to hear on the current status of the Newcomer Fund and the NPP, as this is the information that is most relevant to my interests. [ A beat, she sets her mug down. ]

And perhaps, any changes that might have occurred in the judicial system. [ And she's not going to say anything more on that matter, because she's sure the people who knew her from back when she first arrived will ask their questions without further needless prompting. ] That would be of interest to me as well.

Finally, I've looked at enough of the network archives to notice that there was... [ and she scowls now, her glare breaking across the reasonably neutral expression she'd been doing her best to maintain ]… some alternate timeline version of myself here for some number of months. Seeing as she's no longer here, I think it would be for the best that we forget that ever happened. It's irrelevant, really. Talking about it would be a waste of time.

[ ...Perhaps it would have been better to not bring the matter up at all, upon reflection, but she couldn't have said nothing. People were going to ask. ]

So don't mention it.

[ She links her hands together on the table in front of her. ]

That's all for now. I have every intention of getting back to work as quickly as possible.

Third Person Sample

It seemed that she had gone home for all of a day only to return to the city of Siren's Port and discover that almost twelve months had passed. Surely the changing of the year was not a event that could've gone unnoticed, so the fact of her departure was simply the most logical conclusion, as frustrating as it was. There were several things that could be done to confirm it, however, and Franziska felt that this situation was one that called for knowing, with complete and utter certainty, what had happened to her. The first thing that she'd done upon managing to escape the ruckus at the baseball diamond was consult the network -- what she had found, however, was nothing short of surprising. Although her own NetVice had proven to be disconnected some point in March of 2012 (so, yesterday, by Franziska's reckoning, although the numbers '2013' blinked insistently at her whenever she checked the date), by searching instead for her father, Franziska had come across another familiar face-- one that she knew better than any other. It was her own, butyounger.

What manner of trick was this, she thought angrily, fingers curling tightly around the phone that served as her NV in this city. Why would the Core have returned her home so briefly and brought her teenage self in its place? A young teenager, Franziska realized with some discomforting trepidation, that would still have idolized her father.

He was the anchor of my life once. I was proud of that. Now it was not so; they had parted ways, Franziska surging off to forge her own life's path, that bond -- once securer than anything -- now irreparably broken. Perhaps it was for the best. No, that wasn't right. It was for the best, and Franziska von Karma was certain she would be able to remain strong in these convictions.

However, searching for her family on the network archives had led her to a second disheartening conclusion, another thing that needed to be absolutely confirmed: Miles Edgeworth's number was disconnected. The first time he'd left (died), it had fallen to Re-L Mayer to announce his passing to the community; likewise, the time he had just disappeared, she had done the same. This time, however, Franziska had no desire to enlist that woman's help.

This was something that she had to do alone.

A figure so beloved by the community as Miles Edgeworth had once been, there was no doubting that there would be some mention of him at the memorial; that, Franziska decided, would have to be her next decision. She needed to know, for better or for worse, the situation that she was in, and what, precisely, to make of everything that had changed.

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